Summer Fun List 2020

Every fall, Christmas, and summer, I like to create a list of things I hope to do during that time of year. For fall and Christmas, it’s usually fall- or Christmas-themed activities, such as going to a pumpkin patch or going to view holiday lights, respectively. During the summer, even though some of my activities are summer-themed, others are just miscellaneous things that I’ve wanted to do for a while and haven’t gotten around to yet. For the summer of 2020, my list goes like this:

  1. Go strawberry picking. I hope to do this one with my younger brother. I’m not sure if we’ll pick strawberries, or some other kind of berry, but I would like to visit a farm and pick some of my own fruit.
  2. Go horseback riding. I love riding horses. It’s not something I get to do often, but I’m definitely going to try to this summer.
  3. Go biking. There is a well-known trail near my family’s home that I’ve never ridden before, so I’m hoping to bike it (at least partially) this summer.
  4. Go to Indiana Dunes. One of the worst parts of living in the Midwest is that any true beaches are several hours a way, so going to the Indiana Dunes by Lake Michigan every few years is a nice substitute.
  5. Go hiking at the rest of my state’s state parks. One of my bucket list items is to hike at all 25 state parks in my state with my dog. So far, we have hiked at 14 of them, so I’m hoping to knock out the other 11 this summer.
  6. Go to President Benjamin Harrison’s house. I love going to historic places, but haven’t ever been to Harrison’s house, despite growing up about an hour away from it.
  7. Go kayaking or canoeing. I’m not picky about which one, but this is another bucket list item that I hope to cross off this summer.
  8. Go to Alaska. I was planning to go to Alaska earlier this year, but for COVID-19-related reasons, had to postpone my trip. Depending on how lock downs are looking and how COVID-19 seems to be spreading in my area and in Alaska, I may postpone this trip even further.
  9. Grow a garden. I’ve already planted my garden, but don’t have any sprouts yet. Fingers crossed they come up soon!
  10. Read. A lot. I LOVE reading. I would be pretty satisfied to read 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, but of course that isn’t too feasible. I’ve definitely been working on this one already!
  11. Go to a new bookshop. I recently discovered a couple of independent bookstores near my parents’ house (where I’m spending most of my summer), so I hope to pay at least one of them a visit.
  12. Learn a new language. I’ve been studying Arabic over the past couple of weeks, so I hope to stick with it and make some good progress as the summer progresses.

Do you have any fun things you are trying to do this summer?


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