Mid-November Check-in

We are about halfway through both Q4 and November, and I’m super happy to report all of my goals are going well! My proudest accomplishment recently is writing an abstract for some research I had been wanting to do since the summer. I submitted my abstract for a conference I would like to present it at and am waiting to hear back on if it will be accepted for presentation, but I am cautiously optimistic. And if it’s not accepted, then it was my first abstract I’ve written on my own so I’ll just count my losses, be proud of myself for trying, and move on.

I have been doing better on lowering my stress levels. I’ve been spending more time outdoors (basically any time between mid-October and mid-May is my favorite weather of the year, so this has been much easier than it was over the summer) and reading more. I recently downloaded several audiobooks to “read” while I walk my dog and during the holidays and I’m looking forward to those.

I also recently submitted an application for a fellowship for 2021 that I am hopeful I will be accepted for. It would allow me to research health disparities, which is a huge passion of mine and the primary reason I’m doing an MD/MPH program, so it would be super cool to be part of the fellowship program.

I’ve also recently started doing barre classes! A friend invited me to go with her a few weeks ago. I love the structure of workout classes, but usually places like Club Pilates, Cycle Bar, or Pure Barre are just too pricey for a medical student budget, but Pure Barre actually has an insane student discount so I’m now going a few times a week and it’s been a great way to change up my workouts a little!

So far, November has been much better than October was. I’m consciously making more time for things that I enjoy and I am just in a better, healthier frame of mind. The Thanksgiving/Christmas season is my favorite time of year, so I anticipate that will continue throughout the rest of 2020. I’ve been working on thinking of things I’d like to accomplish in 2021, so I am getting excited for the new year as well and am going to plan out some goals for the year in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for that list. Overall, I’m very content with life so far this month and I’m hopeful that trend will continue.


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