December Goal Setting

December may be a difficult month to accomplish much during, but I am still going to set several goals to try to keep myself on track. If you’ve read previous posts of mine, it will not be a surprise that the majority of my goals have to do with Step studying.

  1. Review neurology/psychiatry. This is a class I took last semester and I hated the neuro part, so I did not spend time reviewing it over the summer. I need to refresh what I learned so that I’ll be ready for boards in March.
  2. Review immunology. Again, this is a class that I took last semester and hated it, so I have spent far less time reviewing than I should have.
  3. Finish reviewing biochemistry. Yet another class that I took and did not enjoy that I need to review. I’ve spent several hours reviewing this, but it was probably the most challenging topic for me, so I’m sure I’ll spend several more hours trying to cement everything in my brain.
  4. Finish the Holiday Hustle. This is a “race” that I signed up for a few days ago where you try to run 50 kilometers before January 1st. I signed up as a way to motivate myself to get to the gym, and so far it’s actually been really fun! I’ve run 15 kilometers so far, so I only have 35 to go.
  5. Attend 10 barre classes. I think this is a realistic number of classes to aim for this month, so hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish it!

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