Just eight days ago, I was so optimistic about the year and titled a blog post “2021 is off to a great start!”… and then January 6th happened. I still have not processed what happened, or how anyone can have so much disdain for democracy that they are willing to kill because their candidate lost. I don’t know if I will ever understand it, and it makes me so sad for my country, and very scared for the future.

All of that being said, I am trying to remain optimistic about the year. In 9 short days, we will have some semblance of dignity restored to the White House and I am hopeful that things will get better, even if they only get a little better, and even if the improvement is slow.

On a personal note, things have otherwise been going well. My two most daunting goals for Q1 (besides Step 1 studying!) are to get about half of a blanket knitted and to work on obedience training with my dog, and both of those are well underway. My pup and I had our first training class yesterday, and he loved it. See the above photo for him after his class!

My reading life has been somewhat blah so far unfortunately. I am struggling to find a book that really pulls me in, and instead have muddled through five so far this year. The one standout was A Promised Land by Barack Obama. I listened to it on audio (narrated by the author!) and it was phenomenal. I also read one chapter today of Medical Apartheid by Harriet A. Washington, and I think it will be a similarly phenomenal book.

I had a practice Step exam today, and I am eagerly awaiting the results in the next couple of days. I feel like it went well, but it is so hard to gauge that kind of thing. If it didn’t go well, then I am concerned because I don’t know how to study much more or much more efficiently than I already am. However, I am determined to hold off on freaking out about a bad score until I hear back on my score! (And hopefully it will be good, so a freak out will be unnecessary!)

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