Snowed In

Like much of the United States right now, my part of the country is currently receiving winter weather like we rarely receive. It’s been below freezing for well over a week, and after getting about half an inch of freezing rain last week, we have gotten about 7 inches of snow this week with moreContinue reading “Snowed In”

Winter Blues

I am fortunate to live in a part of the world where winters are not too extreme, but are still cold enough to feel like winter. Our winter days are usually about 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit and we get very little snow/ice each year. Every two to three years, we will get a few days ofContinue reading “Winter Blues”

January Books

January was a fantastic reading month! I read a total of 15 books, which included a healthy mix of genres, as well as fiction/nonfiction. Here are the books I read last month: You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott. This is a mystery novel about the death of a young man who was heavily involvedContinue reading “January Books”

January Reflection

Wow. January truly felt like it lasted for 6 months. So much has changed between January 1st and February 1st, both in the US and in my own life, that it feels like the first month of 2021 lasted for a very long time. But! I am going to take that as a good sign;Continue reading “January Reflection”


Just eight days ago, I was so optimistic about the year and titled a blog post “2021 is off to a great start!”… and then January 6th happened. I still have not processed what happened, or how anyone can have so much disdain for democracy that they are willing to kill because their candidate lost.Continue reading “Optimism?”

Accomplished in 2020

While I’m generally a huge planner and love to dream about what I’ll accomplish in the next days, weeks, months, years, I think it can be valuable to think about what I already have accomplished, too, though. I don’t do this often enough, so I’m hoping that adding this practice into my life can helpContinue reading “Accomplished in 2020”

Thoughts on Exercise

I’ve been pondering today how much of a difference getting a good workout in makes in my mood. Last week, I had some cold-like symptoms, so I avoided going to the gym and to barre classes in order to avoid spreading my cold to anyone else. This meant I worked out at home. I amContinue reading “Thoughts on Exercise”

2021 Goals

I love setting goals. There is something so refreshing about dreaming about what the future could hold and about all the good times I can enjoy in the months and years to come. Especially after the mess that 2020 has been, I think we are all hoping for a calmer, more predictable 2021. With theContinue reading “2021 Goals”

Recent Books

Reading is one of my all-time favorite hobbies. After spending time with family, friends, and my dog, it is probably my favorite thing to do. Recently, I’ve been reading some great books and it has been very rejuvenating. Here are some titles I’ve been enjoying lately: You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle. I’m readingContinue reading “Recent Books”


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