2021 is off to a great start!

We are now three days into the new year, and I am feeling very optimistic about what it will bring. I’ve already been working towards accomplishing my goals, and I feel like I am in a good headspace to get things done. On Friday, I bought the supplies to start knitting a blanket; a few minutes ago I signed my pup up for training classes. Later today, I’ll meal plan and put together an order for grocery pick-up tomorrow.

The planner I am using for 2021 has a space for planning monthly/quarterly/yearly goals. Specifically, it has a space to write out your five “overall” goals for the year. I wrote down four of mine — read 100 books, lose 25 pounds, run a half marathon, and finish therapy training with my dog — and decided to leave space for a fifth one that may present itself later in the year.

I love the fresh start of a new month/a new quarter/a new year — so when all three of those new things start at once, I feel great and it is terrific motivation to make tangible steps towards things I want to accomplish. I still have many things I’m hoping to get done today. My agenda consists of several hours of studying for boards, going to the gym to do the Stairmaster, doing the aforementioned meal planning, and getting some reading done after being in a book slump for a few days.

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