Thoughts on Exercise

I’ve been pondering today how much of a difference getting a good workout in makes in my mood. Last week, I had some cold-like symptoms, so I avoided going to the gym and to barre classes in order to avoid spreading my cold to anyone else. This meant I worked out at home. I am thankful for my little stationary bike I have so that I was able to do this, but riding the bike for 45 minutes is just not the same as going for a few mile jog, going to a 50 minute barre class, or doing the Stairmaster for 45 minutes (which are all of my workouts of choice).

This week, I have been able to resume a more normal workout routine and it is amazing how much better I feel mentally. I was feeling so down last week, but this week is so much better. Part of that is definitely that I am now on winter break (which isn’t really a break since I’m studying for boards 6-8 hours a day or so, but it is definitely nice to not have to go to virtual class every day), but I think a very large part is also that I am again able to work out rigorously every day.

I’ve been tracking my workouts in December, and so far I have successfully worked out for at least 36 minutes (how long it takes me to run a 5k) 6 days each week. I don’t anticipate that changing in the last few days of the month, so I think this month may be my best workout month EVER. I can definitely tell I feel so much healthier mentally. I don’t know if I can tell much of a difference physically because I was working out enough to be in pretty good shape before I started tracking, but the mental health benefits are enough motivation for me to continue tracking my workouts in the future.

I was so happy to have this realization today, because it is such a small thing that I can do to take better care of myself and help myself to live a happier, healthier life. I am still always looking for new workout opportunities to try because I just love trying new things, but for now, I am very happy with my exercise life.

My favorite workout — the Stairmaster!

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